An introduction to what used to be the standard design, most-used airplane engine available to the aviation industry before the advent of the jet engine.

We will look at a dismantled Lycoming R-680-13 nine cylinder, 300 hp engine to see first-hand the “magical mechanical monkey motion” components that make it all work. Then (if weather allows) we’ll witness the first start/run of the season for the same model engine that powers the 1942 Stearman “Silver Queen.” (I hope it starts!)

What to expect:

You will learn about (and hopefully appreciate) the aircraft power-plant design that helped mankind travel far and wide and (at the time) fast. 

Feedback from past courses with Hunter:

“Hunter Harris is always fun to listen to, and I usually learn something!”

“Hunter has had an amazing career, and did a great job telling his stories — with great pictures as well!”

IN PERSON at Easton Airport | 1 session | Wednesdays | March 27 | 10 – 11:30 am | $20

Hunter Harris

Hunter H. Harris

Hunter H. Harris is a 6th generation Eastern Shore native who has spent well over 12,000 hours flying all kinds of aircraft all over the US. He is commercially licensed by the FAA to fly every category of aircraft that exist. This includes Airplanes: single and multi engine (land or sea), Helicopters, Gliders (sailplanes) and Lighter-than-Air – Airships (blimps). He is also a certified flight instructor for airplanes and airships, an FAA-licensed aircraft mechanic with Inspection Authorization, and he accomplished all this without having military or airline support.

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