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 Course participants should note that it is a National Policy of the YMCA to run Member and Guest names thru RAPTOR, the national sex offender database due to the large proportion of youth members and the obligation to protect them.

All of us using the new Hybrid Classroom at the Easton Peachblossom YMCA who are not currently members of the YMCA, may be asked to sign a 1-time Guest Waiver provided by and collected by the YMCA on the 1st day of attending a class at the Y.  You can download it in advance here: YMCA of the Chesapeake Program Participant Guest Pass Application

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Interactive memoir writing course where your 1-2 page writing assignments are shared to the others in the class for encouragement and suggestions.
(Recording Now Available!) Join Chesapeake Forum for a docent led virtual tour of the renowned Cherry Blossom Exhibit at the Freer Sackler Gallery at the Smithsonian Museum.
(Course Recording Now Available) A History of Aviation as reported in the newspaper press over four centuries from 1783 through 2021.
The question “What is an American?” began in 1782 and persists today. This course uses Hector de Crevecoeur, Mark Twain, and modern journalist George Packer’s “The Four Americans” essay (2021) to animate a discussion of the continuing puzzlement.
(Recording Now Available!) Join Doug’s class and learn why beaches erode and how rip currents work. You will examine globally collected sand samples, or your own, and learn how to analyze their differences.
Beginning with a discussion of the life cycle of the honey bee, you will have the unique opportunity to watch the installation of a package of honey bees in a new hive in a St Michaels yard and learn what you need for your own hive.
RECORDING NOW AVAILABLE! Join a wildlife photographer as she explores the birds of the Great Pacific Flyway, a major north-south migratory path over the Sacramento Valley of California. As a wildlife rescuer, she will also show what happens when wildlife clashes with humanity.
(Recording Now Available!) Family history or family lies? This tale of hard times on the early Maine coast was inspired by David’s mother’s family. The ‘new land’ was fraught with hunger and meager shelter where death was always lurking and warfare was ubiquitous.
(Recording Now Available!) Learn how Smart Growth can create a Resilient City, ready to survive crises and face future shocks and stresses from climate change, growing populations, and depleted energy sources.
(Recording Now Available) Recent cyber-attacks by nation states are causing disruptive damage to their targets. Examples are presented and discussed in terms of their approach, magnitude, and perceived motivations. Historical perspectives are addressed.
Not all tequila tastes the same. This class features a “horizontal tasting” guiding us through a journey of Mexico’s national spirit varieties ranging from Blanco, Joven, Reposado, Anjelo, and Extra Anejelo.
We will examine the benefits of using plants that are native to our area in order to enhance biodiversity and adaptability to our soils while creating a habitat for birds and pollinators through all seasons.
This fun introduction to Shakespeare is full of hints to help you enjoy and understand his plays in the way that works best for you.
It is said that those who ignore history are doomed to repeat it. Are we ignoring obvious parallels from the past? Discussions will focus on present United States attitudes towards ‘political enemies.’
NOW CLOSED! When Sal moved from New York to the Eastern Shore, he discovered there was no Italian bread to be found, so he made his own. Join Sal as he shares his family’s recipe for authentic Italian bread and marinara sauce.
When Sal moved from New York to the Eastern Shore, he discovered there was no Italian bread to be found, so he made his own. Join Sal as he shares his family’s recipe for authentic Italian bread and marinara sauce.
We will examine “On Liberty,” the seminal work by John Stuart Mills (described as the one piece of political thought most relevant to us today) by analyzing the relative and often competing rights of individuals with the rights of the community.
This course will cover the tax handling of retirement accounts; how your tax returns affect Medicare eligibility; planning for the unexpected; and preparing a retirement budget.
We will discuss the overall architecture and origins of the global economy as well as current economic analysis and policy recommendations using resources from the International Monetary Fund.
Let’s go butterflying! Join naturalist, Mary Helen Gillen to explore the meadows and wetlands of Pickering Creek Audubon Center in search of swooping Swallowtails, bold Brushfoots, dainty Gossamerwings, and more.