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Message from the Board

This Fall marks the beginning of Chesapeake Forum, an Academy for Lifelong
Learning that will provide stimulating learning experiences for our community.
Our initial offering presents a series of interesting courses as well as a foundation from which to grow. Beyond the Fall semester, we hope to increase our course offerings, expand our topics, and add venues, all with an eye toward bringing opportunities for conversation and education to an audience that appreciates the intellectual engagement that defines Chesapeake Forum.

We’ve come a long way in a short time. The curriculum listed here is the culmination of many volunteer hours of organizing, recruiting, scheduling, proofreading, and fundraising. And there is so much more work to do! We will begin immediately to plan for the Winter/Spring term, develop our web site, and continue to reach out into our community for new faculty, course ideas, partnerships, and financial assistance.

Thanks to the hard work and dedication of the volunteer board members, our past successes as The Academy for Lifelong Learning are a measure of successes to come. Each one of those volunteers is now a board member of Chesapeake Forum and the passion that fueled those past successes has only increased. Their hard work continues, as evidenced by the courses we are offering this Fall. Our affiliation with the Mid-Shore Community Foundation gives us the not-for-profit umbrella needed to continue our work, and the ongoing guidance and support of the Grayce B. Kerr Fund has helped us to reorganize in a very short period of time. These efforts are only the beginning; there is a bright future ahead. See you in September!

– John Ford, President

About Us


Dedicated to Learning

Chesapeake Forum is an intellectual cooperative of lifelong learning, with courses planned, run, and led by dedicated volunteer faculty. Chesapeake Forum is open to everyone who wishes to learn, and welcomes anyone willing to listen and discuss a myriad of topics with an open mind and a respectful curiosity for the views of others.


Chesapeake Forum Curriculum

With a continuously changing curriculum, Chesapeake Forum offers sessions on current events, cooking, literature, history, art, music, and writing along with outdoor courses on birding, tree identification, and much more. There is also an occasion trip to a museum or historic site of interest.


Become a Faculty Member

Chesapeake Forum welcomes anyone willing to share their knowledge, experience, or passion. If you are interested in leading a Chesapeake Forum course, please complete the online course proposal form via the link provided below.

Wednesday, September 18

Launch Party

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Wednesday, September 18

Launch Party

4-6pm at Trinity Cathedral in Easton, MD

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