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2022 Winter Courses

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you asked, we listened!

Chesapeake Forum will be back in the classroom this Winter Semester with HYBRID teaching: in-person at the Easton Peachblossom YMCA, ZOOM, or Recording- Your Choice! 

We adopt the COVID POLICY of our host sites. Since this is likely to change, we will notify you of any specific policy in your course reminders.

Chesapeake Forum 2022
Distinguished Visiting Scholar Event

Pamela "Pan" Conrad, Ph.D.

Astrobiologist and Planetary Scientist, as well as Episcopal Priest and Pastor

“Exploration, Adventure and Science: What’s the Difference and Why Does it Matter?”

“Exploration is a fundamental property of all living things.  Humans are on the verge of becoming interplanetary creatures, and how it happens is a choice we can make before the course becomes firmly charted. The path we choose could determine the fate of life in the universe, and alternatively the universe sets its own constraints on the journey.”

This lecture is in memory of John F. Ford

Founding President of Chesapeake Forum

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Chesapeake Forum is an intellectual cooperative of lifelong learning, with courses planned, run, and led by dedicated volunteer faculty. Chesapeake Forum is open to everyone who wishes to learn, and welcomes anyone willing to listen and discuss a myriad of topics with an open mind and a respectful curiosity for the views of others.

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To make lifelong learning an integral part of Maryland's Eastern Shore culture.

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Chesapeake Forum, an Academy for Lifelong Learning, provides affordable courses and discussions on a wide variety of topics for people of all ages and backgrounds where ideas are shared with civility and mutual respect.

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With a continuously changing curriculum, Chesapeake Forum offers sessions on current events, science, literature, history, art, music, and writing along with outdoor courses on birding, ecology, and much more. There is also an occasional trip to museums or historic sites.


Dear Lifelong Learners,

If you thought Zoom was a big change for Chesapeake Forum, wait until you see what the Winter 2022 semester brings!

Starting this Winter, Chesapeake Forum will take up residency at the Easton Family YMCA at Peachblossom for HYBRID LEARNING where our Lifelong Learners can choose between participating in-person, thru Zoom, or waiting for the recording.

Winter semester courses start January 20th with the Forum’s Distinguished Visiting Scholar Event and continue thru the end of March.  Courses will be held primarily both morning and afternoon on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays at the YMCA.  There are twenty one courses to choose from in the Winter semester covering a very broad range of subjects.  Registration opens on January 3rd.

Our Distinguished Visiting Scholar this year is Pam “Pan” Conrad, Ph.D.  Dr. Conrad is an astrobiologist and planetary scientist presently involved in the exploration of Mars with the Perseverance Rover.  Her ‘primary’ job though, is as an Episcopal Priest and Pastor.  Be sure to tune in to her virtual discussion on January 20th at 4pm as she focuses our attention on “Exploration, Adventure, and Science:  What’s the Difference, and Why Does it Matter?

Our thanks go out to our community supporters who graciously offered their time and facilities for In-Person courses last Semester that proved to be very popular. Because of them, we were able to see our friends in-person at Snifters, Robin’s Nest, Jason’s Computers, Pickering Creek, and the Midshore Foundation. In the coming semester, our gratitude will extend to the staff of the Easton YMCA, as well as the Oxford Community Center.  

I can’t wait to see you in class!

Lynn Randle
President, Chesapeake Forum


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