Things You Should Know

Course Registration

Online registration is encouraged. If you wish to mail in a check, the form on our mailer can be used for registration. Checks should be made out to Chesapeake Forum/MSCF and mailed to PO Box 544, Easton MD 21601.  Please be sure to add your email address so that we can confirm your registrations.

Refund Policy

Because classes are recorded for viewing on demand and made available whether you register for the Zoom or the recorded version of the course, Chesapeake Forum will not issue refunds for hybrid or zoom courses.

Should an in-person only course or event have to be cancelled due to a change in the Governor’s COVID policies, we will let you know immediately and issue refunds to everyone registered. If you are ill at the time of a course you were planning on attending in-person, please let us know, stay home, and we will issue a refund with no questions asked.

Weather Cancellations

In case of inclement weather, Chesapeake Forum follows the Talbot County School closing procedures. Refer to the school's website, or you may find school closing information on your local radio and television stations. Weather cancellations of in-person courses will be rescheduled for a later date.

COVID Policy

Maryland State COVID policies change and will undoubtedly continue to change. We will continue to adapt to these changes with your health and safety in mind.

We do not expect problems with outdoor in-person venues. Courses that are indoors will follow the Governor’s requirements at the time of the course. Attendance is a matter of personal choice. If you are comfortable being in a room with others, please join us and feel free to wear a mask if preferred. If not, please join thru zoom if available or select another course.

Privacy Policy

When registering this Semester, you will often have a choice between participating live via Zoom or being sent recordings of the class sessions that you can watch at your leisure. When you join a Zoom session, you will be asked to accept a statement that you understand that your image may appear in the recording and how to remove your image. Your name will appear during the class session, but will NOT appear in the recording. Recorded class sessions remain in our library for an undetermined period of time, depending upon their popularity.