Two centuries ago, Samuel Brown patented the first internal combustion engine to be applied industrially in the United States.  Today, the global auto industry is focused on the development of marketable electric vehicles, or EVs, spurred by legislation that phases out internal combustion engines in a remarkably short period of time. 

In this course, Jim will explore the electric vehicle revolution, including drivers of current and emerging technologies, adaptation and acceptance, growth projections, infrastructure, and other major challenges to the ability to make this happen.

The second session will end with a 20-minute demo downstairs in the parking lot.  Hertrich Honda Kia of Easton will bring an EV SUV out for us to see and explore. Their focus will be on answering questions regarding EV operation, charging, trip planning, and everything common to EV ownership. We will have a pop-up canopy available in case of inclement weather.  Those who are attending by Zoom are welcome to meet us there for this hands-on opportunity.

What to expect:  You will learn about the most current plans and projections for the complete electrification-transformation of the US and global auto industry. Jim will explain how EVs of today and tomorrow differ from conventional gasoline and diesel-powered vehicles, and the risks and rewards associated with owning/driving an EV. You are encouraged to send questions to Jim (email below) in advance of his course.

HYBRID course at the Easton Family YMCA (choose to participate in person, through Zoom, or recording) | 2 sessions | Thursdays | January 25, February 1 | 10 – 11:30 am | $30

Jim Scoggins

Jim Scoggins

Jim Scoggins was a Senior Intelligence Analyst and US Intelligence Community Executive for 36 years. He served on six continents and behind the Iron Curtain early in his career, managed intel analysts at 12 federal executive agencies, and conducted future studies and global trend analysis

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