Join Hunter for four or five absolutely crazy, funny, adventure-packed stories that could only have happened “from a Blimp.” All tales are true and only a few names have been changed to protect the innocent “because I can’t remember the names of the other criminals.”

What to expect: 

The once popular businesses of aerial advertising and elevated television camera platforms on airships have almost disappeared. Only three Goodyear Airships are left to fly today over events. Not too long ago there were many blimps flying throughout the US and Hunter was lucky enough to be one of the pilots who flew them.

These are truly unique tales of airship-operational events from around the USA which will never happen again because we “ran out of blimps.”

Feedback from past courses with Hunter:

“Hunter Harris is always fun to listen to, and I usually learn something!”

“Hunter has had an amazing career, and did a great job telling his stories — with great pictures as well!”

HYBRID course at the Easton Family YMCA (choose to participate in person, through Zoom, or recording) | 1 session | Tuesday | February 20 | 1 – 2:30 pm | $20

Hunter Harris

Hunter Harris

Hunter H. Harris is a 6th generation Eastern Shore native who has spent well over 12,000 hours flying all kinds of aircraft all over the US. He is commercially licensed by the FAA to fly every category of aircraft that exists. This includes Airplanes: single and multi-engine, land or sea, Helicopters, Gliders (sailplanes), and Lighter-than-Air Airships (blimps). He is also a certified flight instructor for airplanes and airships, an FAA-licensed aircraft mechanic with Inspection Authorization – and accomplished all this without having military or airline support.

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