This course is an introduction to home wine making. We will discuss what equipment is needed and the approximate costs to begin making wine at home. We will also review the steps involved in making wine, from the purchase of wine juice to opening your first bottle of home-made wine. We will discuss making wine from juice, as well as making wine from grapes. There will also be a brief discussion of making wine from other fruits, such as apple cider.

What to Expect:  Gain an understanding of the basic equipment needed and the cost to begin making wine at home. You will leave with a step-by-step set of basic instructions and some commonly used terms in wine making.  Please note:  Due to the demonstration nature of this course, it will not be recorded.

IN PERSON course at the Easton Family YMCA (no recording) + field trip to Bill’s home vineyard

2 sessions | Thursdays | May 4, 11 | 1–2:30 pm | $30

Bill Frost

Bill Frost

Bill Frost and his neighbor made their first batch of wine in 2007. Starting by making wine with juice from wine grapes, within a few years they were making wine from grapes. Since that time they have made hundreds of gallons of wine, most recently, from grapes grown in a small vineyard next to his home.

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