Ever thought about your morning cup of coffee? Where does it come from, how does it grow, and why some brews make you feel like you can feel your hair grow? These and many other questions will be answered as we travel through Central and South America, looking at the bean that helps us start our day. We will look at sourcing and working directly with the farms; roast profiles and how they are composed and then put into production. We’ll fire up the coffee roaster and roast a couple of batches to see how the bean changes through the process. We will also taste some coffees to start to see the differences between light and dark roasts.

What to Expect:  You will gain a richer appreciation for your morning beverage, will gain an understanding as to why it is important to support responsibly-sourced coffee, and leave with a working knowledge of how to decode the coffee bag.

IN PERSON course at Blue Heron Coffee in St. Michaels (500 S Talbot St, St Michaels, MD 21663)

2 sessions to choose from | Wednesdays | April 26 or May 3 | 1:30–3 pm | $20

Jay Hudson

Jay Hudson

Jay Hudson has 30 years of experience providing the finest of beverages across the service industry, taking pride in not only showcasing new and exciting ingredients, but also in their preparation. From choosing a coffee farm, to roasting each bean to its perfect flavor profile, and everything in between, coffee has proved to be an endless path of learning which he has been on since taking over Blue Heron Coffee. Jay speaks the language of coffee, providing education but more importantly sharing his passion with others!

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