Attention all food lovers and culinary enthusiasts! Get ready to enjoy a unique culinary trip to Mexico and celebrate Cinco de Mayo with Chef Enrique (Henry) Miller, the master behind the stove at Two if by Sea on Tilghman Island!  This is a special cooking class for Chesapeake Forum that is sure to tantalize your taste buds and awaken your inner chef. 

Join us on this culinary journey through the vibrant flavors of Mexican cuisine. This cooking class is designed for everyone to enjoy, whether you are a seasoned home cook or just starting out. Chef Henry will guide you through each recipe, answer questions, and share tips and techniques, ensuring that everyone leaves with a newfound appreciation for Mexican cuisine and the spirit of Cinco de Mayo.

This class will showcase the authentic tastes of Mexico, starting with a classic drink to whet the appetite, and continuing through to a delicious dessert that is sure to leave a sweet impression on your palate. Each menu item is expertly crafted by Chef Miller using fresh, locally-sourced ingredients. From the rich and flavorful appetizer to the sweet and satisfying dessert, every dish is a celebration of the bold and beautiful flavors that define Cinco de Mayo. To complete the culinary experience, you will get to taste everything Chef Henry demonstrates.  ¡Viva la Cinco de Mayo!

What to Expect:  Learn how to prepare an authentic Mexican dinner in celebration of Cinco de Mayo. You will have the chance to observe, ask questions, sample each course AND take home the recipes!

IN PERSON course at Two if by Sea Restaurant, Tilghman (5776 Tilghman Island Rd, Tilghman, MD 21671)

1 session | Sunday | April 30 | 4–6 pm | $60

Feedback from our last cooking class with Chef Henry:

“It was a great afternoon. Chef Henry was knowledgeable, entertaining and personable.  The food was delicious and I’m looking forward to trying out the recipes at home!  Looking forward to another cooking class at Two if by Sea!”

“Henry Miller is always informative and entertaining.  We had a wonderful time!”

“What fun this was!  Chef Henry was in his element sharing his tricks of the trade!  Wonderful opportunity to socialize and enjoy an afternoon out while learning to make some highly unusual dishes with chocolate in them!”

Chef Henry 2

Chef Henry Miller

Chef Henry Miller is owner and chef of “Two if By Sea,” a local hangout in Tilghman that has been offering its guests home-cooked meals since Henry Miller established it in 2008. After many years in catering (which he still does for special events on the island) and working in other well-known establishments, the Culinary Institute of America-trained chef found that it was time to make his dream come true and establish a place that attracts those who live, work, play, or visit the island looking for a place dedicated to good food and friendship. Occupying what used to be the old general store, Two if by Sea is in many ways a throwback to the “good old days.” The island folk, both full-time and part-time, use this as a meeting place on the island where they can chat about happenings both local and national. Surrounded by the work of local artisans, a library of cook books, and a great collection of antique cookie jars, you are taken back to a period of time where life moved a bit more slowly and people had time to discuss the events of the day.

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