Learn the basics of Thai cooking with Natita “Dia” Berry, a Thai native from a family of chefs. Dia has enjoyed sharing her country’s cuisine with family and friends since moving to the United States, and is looking forward to offering her expertise to Chesapeake Forum students.

Participants will learn basic techniques and seasoning principles of Thai cooking, including stir-frying in Western kitchenware and working with oyster and fish sauces.

At the end of the class, everyone will have a chance to sample Dia’s authentic Thai Stir-Fried Ginger Chicken before taking home the recipe (and skills) required to reproduce it at home. 

Dia’s father-in-law, Paul Berry will join her (and believe us when we say he will be keeping the discussion lively!).

What to expect:

You will learn some of the basic techniques and seasoning principles of Thai cooking, including:

  • Stir-frying
  • Using oyster sauce and fish sauce
  • Thai-style egg frying

And, most importantly, you will leave with a recipe and the skills to create Thai Stir-Fried Ginger Chicken as well as “Star Egg,” the Thai-style fried egg that accompanies any good Thai stir-fry. 

IN PERSON at the Easton Family YMCA kitchen (no recording) | 2 sessions to choose from | Wednesday | February 21 OR Wed. February 28 | 10 am – noon | $40

Dia Berry

Natita "Dia" Berry

Born in Suphanburi, Thailand, Natita “Dia” Berry has been preparing delicious Thai food throughout her life. Along with her brother, a respected chef in Bangkok, she learned her craft while sitting in the laps of her mother and grandmother, both accomplished family cooks. Since she moved to the States with her family in 2019, Dia has enjoyed offering informal Thai cooking demonstrations to family and friends. She is looking forward to sharing her country’s famously healthy and generously-flavored food with her Chesapeake Forum students. Dia is joined in this program by her Father-in-Law, Paul Berry, the former Washington DC ABC news anchor.

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