Meno, a brash young Athenian, asks Socrates whether virtue can be taught. Socrates replies that to answer this, one must first define “virtue.” This short dialogue provides a good introduction to Plato’s (and Socrates’) thinking. It will serve as helpful preparation for Plato’s longer, more challenging work, The Republic, which will be offered in the Fall 2023 semester.

What to Expect: Learn how to understand and appreciate Plato’s philosophical concerns and methods, including his artistry and humor.

Zoom course (with recording)

3 sessions | Wednesdays | April 19, 26, May 3 | 10–11:30 am | $40

Feedback from Forest’s recent philosophy courses:

“Forest Hansen is a gem of a teacher. I will be signing up for his next Socrates course and any others I can access via Zoom.”

“Forest Hansen is one of the most pleasant course leaders…we should have him again and again as long as he is willing to lead courses!!!”

“This was a very positive, constructive, and provocative introduction to a big topic.  The highly qualified and experienced instructor never overshadowed the participants.  It was a pleasant and soft discussion all along with great questions (gentler than Socrates himself) for us all to discuss fruitfully.  I personally was stimulated, informed, and enriched throughout the three sessions.  The time required was not excessive, the sessions fun, and the effects are long-lasting.”


Forest Hansen, Ph.D.

Forest Hansen, Ph.D., earned a BA in English at Harvard, an MA in English at the University of Wisconsin, and a PhD in Philosophy at Johns Hopkins, and took graduate courses in Counseling Psychology at Northwestern University. For more than 35 years he taught a variety of courses in English and philosophy, as well as courses in Greek Civilization, Classics in Western Thought, and required MA interdisciplinary courses on various subjects, including the humanities, natural science, and social science. He co-created and directed a college travel program studying Ancient Greek and Byzantine Civilizations in Greece and Turkey. He and his wife moved to Easton in 2003.

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Forest Hansen, Ph.D.

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Forest Hansen, Ph.D.


Forest Hansen, Ph.D.

COURSE IS NOW OVER. THE RECORDING IS STILL AVAILABLE. Examine selections from one of Plato’s most famous dialogues as Socrates turns to a philosophical exploration of the nature of beauty and its role in the good life.

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