Do you believe that human trafficking is something only happening in the big cities or along the I-95 corridor?  Think again – and come learn more about this problem that exists even here on the rural side of the Bay!

In this course, Julie will give us an all-too-real description of the human trafficking that is going on right under our noses here on the Eastern Shore. She will help us to better understand the types of human trafficking and how they happen. Julie will share with us the realities of the different types of domestic human trafficking and how people are lured into these situations. Videos of survivor experiences will be shown. She will also tell us about resources available through Harriett’s House and how to become involved in the fight against human trafficking.

What to Expect:

You will learn the basics of human trafficking: what it is; how big a problem it is here on the Eastern Shore; how to identify survivors; how to report it; and the helpful resources available through Harriett’s House.

HYBRID course at the Easton Family YMCA | Tuesday | March 12 | 10 – 11:30 am | $20

Julie Crain

Julie Crain

Julie Crain is the Founder and Executive Director of Harriett's House. In her quest to learn more about the issue of human trafficking, she realized the need for resources on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. Harriett's House was established in 2017, opening a Drop-in Center in Cambridge in 2019 to provide resources for women. A long-term Restorative Care Residential Program was opened in October 2022 to serve women survivors of human trafficking. Harriett's House was established to bring freedom and healing to women who have been sexually exploited, and to combat human trafficking in all forms through raising awareness, educating communities, and providing restorative care.

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