Chesapeake Forum’s 2022 eight-session geopolitical course provides a forum for engaging discussion regarding crucial global issues.  The Foreign Policy Association provides two-course resources — not only a Briefing Book that details history, analysis, forecast of future consequences, and suggested roundtable questions, but also a 20-minute overview video to start each session.

The Foreign Policy Association’s 2022 topics are:

• Changing Demographics

• Outer Space

• Climate Change

• Russia

• Myanmar and ASEAN

• The Quad Alliance

• Industrial Policy

• Drug Policy in Latin America

• Biden’s Agenda

Should the participants and moderators agree, a bonus session will be conducted the week after the final session to consider how a unilateral Beijing “reunification” of Taiwan might threaten world peace.

Feedback from past sessions with Rich and Bob:

“A terrific set of course sessions for going deeper into geopolitical topics you only THOUGHT you knew about; contemporary issues facing the US and world. Learning develops from the professional materials, updated topic links and the engaging course participants and discussion leaders. A must!”

“I have always been a huge fan of GD, and love it when we get contrary views that can be discussed. More than anything though is the opportunity to learn about larger issues and concerns than what we might hear about on the nightly news…”

“I always enjoy Great Decisions for the subject expertise provided by the book and video as well as the stimulating discussions among course participants! Looking forward to being back in the classroom in-person with everyone!”

“I joined Great Decisions a number of years ago because I lacked any substantial knowledge of foreign affairs. While I still remain a novice, my involvement with this discussion program has greatly widened my understanding of our foreign neighbors. From the readings, the video, and the discussions, I learn something new at each meeting. Thank you.”

IN-PERSON ONLY in the conference room at Snifters (219 Marlboro Ave., #52a, Easton)                                                                     

8 Sessions |Wednesdays | Feb 2, 9, 16, 23, Mar 2, 9, 16, 23 | 3-4:30 pm| $40 + $10 for the 2022 Book (a $35 value)

Bob DeGour

Bob DeGour is a fixture in Eastern Shore schools as the U.S. Naval Academy Blue & Gold Admissions Officer and the Founder/Director of a summer STEM camp for elementary school children. Bob is a 1973 Naval Academy graduate who was the first midshipman to study concurrently at a civilian university. His classified thesis focused on socio-political systems in Pre-WWII Germany, the Soviet Union, and the Peoples Republic of China. He served in the Navy Intel community before transitioning to the private sector. He is routinely asked to contribute/moderate discussions on International Security issues at the annual Naval Academy Foreign Affairs Conference (NAFAC) attended by college students and professors from around the world.

Rich Harrison

Rich Harrison has been moderating Great Decisions for the past decade. He is the retired Director of Research & Development for Baltimore Aircoil Company, a worldwide manufacturer of evaporative cooling equipment and ice thermal storage equipment. During his 39 years at BAC, he developed innovative components and patented ten innovative products. He has a Bachelor’s Degree from Virginia Tech and earned his Master’s Degree from Purdue University. He resided in Columbia, Maryland, for 32 years - then found the light and moved to the Chesapeake Eastern Shore.

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