Follow along with Payne as he traces the history of climate change policy development and explores the processes put in place to address and fund the issue.  Although Congress has not enacted legislation to address climate change, the U.S. Government has pursued various policies to address climate change and has funded many initiatives associated with climate change.

Come to your own conclusions regarding the successes, failures, and perhaps, the unintended consequences, of government policies in the struggle to make a difference.

HYBRID COURSE:  Choose in-person at the Easton Peachblossom YMCA, Zoom, or Recording

1 Session |Tuesday | Mar 15| 1-2:30 pm | $10


Payne Kilbourn

Payne Kilbourn is educated and trained as a nuclear engineer and has written about the scientific basis of climate change. He holds a M.A. from George Washington University in Political Science (Legislative Affairs). He was a Federal Executive Fellow at Brookings and focused on bureaucratic processes in the federal government.

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