Does bad soil, chronic dampness, or deep shade get in the way of your gardening success? Has anyone ever explained to you why native plants are so important to the sustainability of wildlife?

Join host Lynn Randle with special guests, Talbot County Master Gardener Coordinator Mikaela Boley and Maryland Master Naturalist Susan Hauser, for short lectures followed by Q & A about native plant solutions.  We will focus on the habitat of the Eastern Shore region… our growing zone, clay soil, bay-wise concerns… and the unique solutions that native plant options can provide when puzzling over how to “perk up” your landscape with care-free selections that will survive from year to year.  

  • Week 1:  Why natives?  
  • Week 2:  Attracting pollinators and birds
  • Week 3:  What natives offer throughout the four seasons
L Randle

Lynn Randle

After transplanting herself to the Eastern Shore from the coastal mountains of Southern California, moderator Lynn Randle has actively pursued expanding her knowledge and understanding of gardening with native plants in our part of the Eastern Shore. She is joined by two Eastern Shore experts who will also be sharing their passion toward the benefits of adding native plants into our landscapes and will be answering questions during the online course as well as leading field trips

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