A History of Aviation as Reported in the Newspaper Press Over Four Centuries: 1783 to 2021               

(Course Recording still available) Using images from historical newspapers in Dr. Stephen Goldman’s extensive collection as a “magic carpet,” Steve will transport us to an earlier time when manned flight was just an unrealized idea to the present era of the actualization of flight and space travel. 

In this three-session lecture series, Steve will take us “From a Flight by Balloon to Men on the Moon” covering a span of four centuries of newspaper press coverage

Session # 1 will cover the earliest unsuccessful promise of human flight up to the invention of the heavier-than-air airplane by the Wright Brothers in 1903. 

Session # 2 will cover aviation history from its pioneer period in the early 20th Century right up to the present day. 

Session # 3 will encompass the exploration of space from its beginnings in the 1940’s to the landing of a rover on Mars. 

Join us for this three-part series that will take you all the way from “early humans looking up at the stars to present day rovers landing on Mars.”   

Recording Now Available.

3 Sessions | $10   


Stephen Goldman

Steve Goldman has been a serious collector of historical newspapers and their precursors for nearly 50 years. His extensive archive focuses on important historical events over the past seven centuries. His collection formed the nucleus of the News History Gallery at the former NEWSEUM in Washington, DC.

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