Airship 103 will touch on some basic Airship (blimp) technical points and operational considerations that are unique to this type of aviation. Then we’ll begin our voyage! We’ll begin in September on a journey that takes us on an Airship Flight from Montreal to Miami with visits along the way to Boston, NYC, and many other places. Our October flight will continue from South Florida to Phoenix with side trips along the entire Mississippi valley. The November trip wraps up ‘cross country’ as we fly across the high desert and the Continental divide to southern California then up the Pacific Coast to Vancouver, British Columbia. Classes will include interesting photos, video, and true, accurate, and unmodified stories of adventure from the Airship Captain.


Hunter Harris

Hunter is a native Eastern Sho' farm boy (several generations Chesapeake Bay front farm) who loves anything mechanical or flyable. Holds FAA Commercial Pilots license for all 'categories' and most 'classes' of aircraft, also FAA licensed Aircraft Mechanic and FAA Certified Flight Instructor. Hunter is an elected member of The Society of Experimental Test Pilots, as well as a former FAA Aviation Rulemaking Committee Member. International award winning Aerial Photographer, unemployed blimp pilot and a bunch of other stuff.

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