This tequila class features a “horizontal tasting”–guiding us through a journey of Mexico’s national spirit, with varieties ranging from Blanco, Joven, Reposado, Añejo, to Extra Añejo.

Be prepared to experience flavors and fragrances that are remarkably more sophisticated than college dorm tequila shooters. Snifter’s proprietor, Joe Petro, will present a tutorial on a favorite subject of his—making us authorities on tequila history/geography, varieties, ingredients, barreling, aging, and depth of aromas.

While all tequila is produced from blue agave plant piñas, not all tequila tastes the same. Like wine, agave spirits gain much of their character from the agricultural environment. For example, highland tequilas exhibit a soft sweetness and floral aroma, in contrast to lowland tequilas that possess herbaceous character and distinctly earthy minerality.  For the truly refined palate, Rare Extra Añejo expressions are barrel-aged for at least three years resulting in a complex expression analogous to cognac or whisky … ergo a “sipper’s tequila.”

Now that we’ve transitioned from winter into spring, explore which tequila works best with just lime and salt, paired with sangria, mixed in a cocktail, or served neat.

Feedback from past courses led by Joe:

Great class. Joe was very comfortable with informal question asking. Highly recommended

A wonderful, informative tasting and fellowship with others at Snifters! Delightful!

A great start to the evening!  We learned a lot and met new people. Loved the diversity of people who attended of all different ages. Looking forward to more events like this. Thanks so much!

Joe selected a great array of whiskeys … and helped us understand the nuances.  Bravo to a great experience where we not only learned much about the varieties of whiskeys but also met new friends. Thank you Joe Petro!!

Knowledgeable presentation in a convivial setting.  Informative, fun… and tasty!

IN-PERSON at Snifter’s, 219 Marlboro Ave., #52a, Easton.

No Longer Available


Joe Petro

Joe Petro has been the proprietor of “Hair O’ The Dog Wine & Spirits” since 2004. In 2018, he opened his companion venture, “Snifter’s Bistro,” in the adjacent retail space. Both establishments are built on Joe’s customer-focused philosophy: to provide an alluringly uncommon experience. Joe’s loyal customers often seek a unique beverage “adventure” satisfied by concierge-like service that’s the soul of his business. During the past year, Snifter’s has become a gathering place for fine wines, craft beers, and small-plate dining. Joe has been an active member of Comptroller Peter Franchot’s commission to reform Maryland’s restrictive beer and spirits laws. Early in his career as a CPA, Mr. Petro was Controller at Easton Utilities and Celeste Industries. His lengthy list of contributions to our community include treasurer for non-profit Kidworks Learning Center and President of Talbot Humane Society.

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