This fall we will focus on common and not-so-common songbirds that grace our Eastern Shore backyards and parks. The course will span the months of September, October, and November to enable us to see departing summer residents and arriving winter residents as well as those species that grace our landscapes year ’round. We’ll see familiar species like Northern Cardinal and Blue Jay. We’ll also see birds that are often overlooked such as Ruby-crowned Kinglet, Savannah Sparrow, and yes, Yellow-bellied Sapsucker. No birding experience is necessary but you may be surprised at how many species you already know! Gather up your binoculars and join us for a birder’s-eye view of the place we call home. 

This course is offered as a collaboration between Chesapeake Forum and the Pickering Creek Audubon Center.


Wayne Bell, Ph.D.

Dr. Bell is Senior Associate and former Director of the Washington College Center for Environment and Society. A native of Silver Spring, MD, he graduated from the University of Miami, Florida, and earned his Ph.D from Harvard University where E.O. Wilson infected him with a lasting love of ecological things. Retired since 2006, Dr. Bell continues his passion for birds and teaching through the Maryland Ornithological Society and its Youth Program (YMOS).

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