Place as an idea, is exploding with new interpretations and perspectives, almost daily. The subject is as elastic and full of content as our imaginations will permit. The idea of the course is to both enlarge our general appreciation and understanding of places in our lives and to focus in on those of special meaning to us individually. In the end, the significance of any place is personal; it’s in our unique mind’s-eye senses and our own ways of expressing it. 

Charlie has conducted a Sense of Place course three times since 2019 – twice live at CBMM and Brookline Senior Center and once via Zoom.  The course is both an Introduction to the broad subject of Place in our lives – geographic, social, phenomenological/subjective, etc., but also a continuing exercise in our ever-changing perceptions and appreciations of new and old places. This new Fall 2021 course is for both veterans and first-timers. It will review fundamentals and expand our understandings of place – all through instructor presentations, suggested reading, discussion, and students’ personal places.  There will be emphasis on shared expression (e.g., writing, photos, projects: all options open).  Participant products will be encouraged. 

Feedback from Charlie’s last course:

“I believe this class should be experienced by everyone. Charlie Yonkers is a superb facilitator of a program that helps you dive deep into your memories and experiences in life and expands your awareness. I could take this class many times over and will be recommending it to others. A much appreciated expansive experience!”

“It’s all Charlie’s fault for picking such a juicy subject — we students took it up right out of the gate and ran off in all sorts of fascinating directions. Yet the class did not descend into chaos. Charlie hit just the right note between encouraging our explorations and highlighting the key threads that tied the subject together. He knows his stuff! Three sessions was nowhere near enough time to cover the ramifications of Place as a crystallizing principle.”

“This was simply an outstanding course, and everyone felt so. Charlie has restructured his course so as to provide greater focus and more participation. In fact EVERYONE participated in each of the three sessions. And it wasn’t mere lip service participation.  We were all engrossed, not only in our own work but equally in that of each other’s. With Charlie’s help, what each of us contributed was meaningful, sometimes thrillingly and heartfelt.”

“The materials, readings, direction, teaching and listening skills of the instructor were outstanding and I was delighted to be learning from him. Thank you Charlie for teaching me about how to see places beyond my imagination and getting a chance to write about them.”

ZOOM class sessions only (no recordings)

3 Sessions | Wednesdays |Nov. 3, 10, 17 | 10:00 am to noon | $30 

Charles Yonkers, JD

Charles Edward Yonkers is a former Peace Corps Country Director, lawyer (Harvard, J.D., Yale, B.A.), and adjunct professor in Georgetown’s Graduate Liberal Studies Program (M.A.L.S.). His thesis was “The Creation of a Sense of Place: History, Culture, and Henderson, KY.” He has taught courses on A Sense of Place since 2011. His current place is Pot Pie Farm, Wittman, MD.

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