For many years Glory Aiken offered a Chesapeake Forum course titled “True Stories Well Told.” This course carries on that tradition, using her content description:  Would you like to write about your life, your family, and its unique history? The significance of particular events? Then join us as we start or continue our journey into the art of memoir writing. 

We will learn what memoir writing is all about from master class books, such as Stephen King’s On Writing. Class participants will share 1-2 page stories with the group each week and have an opportunity to seek suggestions in a supportive environment.  We will also discuss opportunities available to publish our memoirs.  Current COVID requirements will be followed. Note: The Bullitt House is not handicapped accessible.

This course will take place at the Bullitt House in Easton                                                                         

4 Sessions | Mondays | Nov. 8, 15, 22, 29 | 10 – 11:30 am | $40


Forest Hansen, Ph.D.

Forest Hansen earned a BA and MA in English and a Ph.D. in Philosophy. For more than 30 years he taught courses in both areas and also Greek Civilization and Classics in Western Thought. He has been a discussion leader for The Great Books and was co-creator and director of a college travel program studying ancient Greek and Byzantine civilizations in Greece and Turkey.

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