Would you like to write about your life, your family, and its unique history?  The significance of particular events?  Then join us as we start or continue our journey into the art of memoir writing.

In response to some requests and as an experiment, Chesapeake Forum’s spring offering of “Writing Reminiscences” will be done in a Zoom format in order to meet the needs of course participants who are housebound.  This is typically an in-person course, and will require some adaptation to the Zoom format to maintain the unique comradery that develops as course members share and seek suggestions in a supportive environment. One main difference will be that participants will have to circulate their short pieces in advance of each meeting.

In each class, participants distribute copies of their 1- or 2-page writing and read it to the class, after which the others offer encouragement and suggestions for improvement.  This format requires a limited enrollment, and being in-person seemed necessary because of the abundant verbal exchanges and the warmly supportive spirit.  We shall see how much of these elements can be maintained in a Zoom format.

Feedback from past courses taught by Forest:

“Excellent. Lots of interaction. Forest is such a great instructor. His candid comments are so helpful and immediately useful. I’ll be back!!”

“Forest had a gentle and professional guiding hand leading our group.”

“Forest was wonderful at navigating and leader the group. Enjoyed the interaction with all of the other participants and really appreciated the opportunity to receive feedback on my writing and hearing others’ writings as well. Overall a great experience.”

“Forest Hansen is one of the most pleasant course leaders…we should have him again and again as long as he is willing to lead courses!!!”

“When it comes to teaching, Forest Hansen is the Platonic Ideal!”

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Forest Hansen

Forest Hansen earned a BA and MA in English and a Ph.D. in Philosophy. For more than 30 years he taught courses in both areas, as well as Greek Civilization and Classics in Western Thought. He has been a discussion leader for The Great Books and was co-creator and director of a college travel program studying ancient Greek and Byzantine civilizations in Greece and Turkey.

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