Join Deacon Kathy Garrison in a discussion about this ground-breaking book.

Ms. Irving writes in “Waking up White” of her journey into awareness and understanding of her own white privilege. Making new discoveries and seeking new understandings about what she always thought to be true. While she struggled with what it all means for her own identity, she also came to better understand the history, systems, and language that feed racism. 

She encourages each of us to join her in that journey, without telling us what we should or should not do. The hope is that we may find ourselves in her experiences.

She does this by asking questions that encourage us to think about our own experiences. As she draws the reader towards new self-awareness, she also offers insights into what each of us might do, going forward. She suggests ways by which we can move forward in our own journeys. In the last paragraph of the book, she writes, “Self-examination and the courage to admit to bias and unhelpful inherited behaviors may be our greatest tools for change.” Ms. Irving’s writing encourages each of us to be vulnerable and present to the ‘other.’

What to expect:

Through the thoughtful guidance of Deacon Garrison, you will become more open to new understandings of yourself, recognize the things that can cause friction between the races, and learn how to continue to seek education as you move forward.

HYBRID course at the Easton Family YMCA (choose to participate in person, or through Zoom, but no recording) | 3 sessions | Wednesdays | Oct 11, 18, 25 | 10:30 am – noon | $40

Kathy Garrison 2

Deacon Kathy Garrison

Kathy Garrison has worn many hats. She is first a wife, mother, and grandmother. She worked as a nurse, which evolved into veterinary nursing, for her husband, Fred, before he was a retired veterinarian. She went on to seminary and became a chaplain, a pastoral care instructor, and a Lutheran Deacon. Currently, she is mostly retired; however, she continues to do retreats and seminars.

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