In this course, Mickey will focus on the border slave states of the Civil War and how and why they responded to the outbreak of hostilities in 1861. Maryland, Delaware, Kentucky, Virginia/West Virginia, and Missouri all had similar but unique factors that determined their fates as the events unfolded in the Spring of 1861. Mickey will assess the overall strategic and tactical impact of the border slave states on the fighting, politics, economics, and social aspects that impacted the experiences of each state, as well as the outcome of the war.

What to Expect:

Through this course, you will see the considerable impact that these five slave states had on the outcome of the war.  Each had unique conditions that led them to follow their courses. You will understand the socioeconomic conditions in each state that helped determine the actions of the majority of their populations, and learn how these border states contributed to both sides to help determine the outcome in 1865.

Feedback from past courses with Mickey:

“Can’t wait for the next series!”

“Excellent forum with a highly knowledgeable leader.  Thank you so much…. thoroughly enjoyed it!”

“Mickey was very knowledgeable and could answer questions asked of him.  He was an expert, excellent teacher and presenter.”

HYBRID course at the Easton Family YMCA (choose to participate in person, through Zoom, or recording) | 3 sessions | Tuesdays | February 8, 15, 22 | 10 – 11:30 am | $40

Mickey Terrone 2

Dominic Mickey Terrone

Dominic “Mickey” Terrone of Oxford is a native New Yorker and a 30-year resident of Maryland. A lifelong student of the Civil War, he has a collection of over 400 books and tapes on the Civil War. He lived in Georgia for ten years and traveled extensively throughout the Southern States. Mickey has taught Civil War courses at Anne Arundel Community College and Washington College Academy for Lifelong Learning. An active member of the Civil War Roundtable of Washington, DC, he is also a Board and Executive Committee member and Past President.

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