Public policy for growth management stirs public interest on a recurring basis, often inspired by a pending or new development project. This session will describe the role of municipal, county, and state jurisdictions in aspects of land use planning. Pete will outline the management tools currently in place, and describe options for additional policies that could shape future development. The role of municipal and county Comprehensive Plans will be covered, along with impact fees, transferable development rights, and the Chesapeake Bay Critical Areas. You’ll learn about options to be considered for the future, including an adequate public facilities ordinance.

What to Expect:  You’ll learn about the existing policies for the management of growth and development in Talbot County; consider the possible impacts of other tools (if enacted), and gain an understanding of the importance of community input into the Comprehensive Planning process.

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Pete Lesher

County Council Member Pete Lesher

Pete Lesher is a member of Talbot County Council, elected in 2018 and 2022. During the day, he also serves as chief curator at Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum, where he has served on staff since 1991; he leads museum collections and exhibitions. He graduated from Lafayette College, where he had coursework in urban planning, and holds an MA in history from Columbia University. In addition, he serves as a scout leader and is a sailor.

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