Active vacations are not only for the young. Many go beyond rustic and offer good food, fine hotels, and great sightseeing as you travel under your own power. This course will discuss the kind of tours offered, using as examples the three companies that bring 800 bicycling tourists to Talbot County each year.

Questions to be answered: Can I do it? How many miles per day? What if I do not want to ride one of the tour days? How should I prepare for a tour? What are E-bikes and what would they do for me? Where can I go? You will also be told how to look at websites for the various tour companies.

What to Expect:  Learn how many older Americans are safely taking and enjoying active vacations, and that this might be something for you too.  Take a look at typical bicycles used by tour operators, including E-bikes.

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Mark Mulligan

Mark Mulligan

Mark Mulligan is a retired Naval Officer and Federal Civil Servant. Now 64 years old and in active retirement, he leads bike tours in Talbot, Dorchester, and Kent Counties and works part time as a bicycle mechanic in Annapolis.

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