There are many misconceptions about meditation, but ultimately it is about transformation.  It is about letting go of the known to reveal the unknown.  The fruits of meditation are not realized while sitting in the practice.  They are expressed outwardly in your daily life as Truth within is realized.  The good news is that it does not require a huge time commitment to realize some of the possible benefits of greater compassion and patience, as well as gain a mind that is not so likely to run amok. 

Take a brief three-week journey with me to review different meditation practices.  Then learn a simple, silent, yet powerful Christian meditation called Christ-Centered Prayer Meditation — a practice of resting in awareness of your Spiritual Heart Center area.   We will discuss and explore what is happening in the practice and what may flow out of the practice into your daily life.   You have nothing to lose and possibly everything to gain.

PLEASE NOTE: This hybrid course is NOT being recorded

HYBRID COURSE:  Choose in-person at the Easton Peachblossom YMCA or Zoom (no recording)

3 Sessions |Thursdays | Feb 10, 17, 24 | 4:30-6 pm | $30

Mary Carpenter

Mary Carpenter is a meditation guide and author. She knows the difficulty of learning and maintaining a practice and teaches in an approachable manner. The Christ Centered Prayer Meditation has transformed her, restoring relationships and bringing her a greater sense of purpose and fulfillment in life. Mary co-authored Spirituality: Yours and Dreams: States of Consciousness with her meditation teacher, Carla R. Mancari. Mary also authored Unfoldment: A Journey of Awakening, Reflections along the Way.

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