The importance of neighbor-to-neighbor involvement and cooperation cannot be overstated in our neighborhoods and the communities where we live, work and play together.  

“I believe there is a crisis in American values and how we treat one another, which can be improved through communication and training,” Evans says.  “Manners and civility should supersede our political beliefs.  Good manners bring out our best and they can be a boost to our own self esteem as well to others.  There is a beautiful, time-honored adage that states ‘let there be peace on earth and let it begin with me’ which might well be altered a bit to say ‘let there be respect on earth and let it begin with me,’” says Evans.

How we treat each other can be enhanced and improved through communication and training for positive results. These social skills are intangible but can result in greater respect and better manners in welcoming and maintaining relationships. Group discussion, role plays, and personal involvement by attendees will add to the effectiveness of this course.  Hosted by Easton Club East, this program is open to all, although registration is limited to 80.  

IN-PERSON COURSE:  Easton Club East Clubhouse at 29600 Lyons Dr, Easton, MD 21601

No Longer Available   


Linda Schwarten Evans

Linda Schwarten Evans, a native of Talbot County, a sought-after seminar leader for the American Management Association in New York, has designed and presented business seminars and workshops throughout her career in healthcare marketing and management nationally and on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. She is the Founder of the company, The Conference Table Seminars. As a seminar facilitator, Linda exhibits a commitment to excellence in training and development. Her passion for teaching social skills to adults, as well as youth and teens, is evident through her work for the Talbot Chamber of Commerce, and her voluntarism as co-facilitator of social skills for children and teens at Peace of Mind Mental Health in Easton, as well as Character Counts Coach at Easton Middle and High Schools.

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