The story of how former Confederates wrote their own version of civil war history and how it came to be generally accepted as a legitimate view nationwide is explained in this 3-part course. 

How were the myths developed in the first place and how is it that they impacted Americans long after 1865? 

This review of the Lost Cause Mythology that developed after the US Civil War is a must for anyone interested in the impact of the Civil War in Maryland – a State with mixed allegiances. Mickey will detail how the initial concept was identified and developed as a southern narrative written by former Confederates and eventually, their following generations. He will identify the major tenets and discuss how and why that version was preferred by those authors. He will show how novelists, poets, songwriters, and movie makers added to the distorted, heroic picture of the war and the antebellum South. Finally, he will cover the long-term impacts of the Lost Cause on the collective memories of the large majority of Americans today and how the Civil War still has significant relevance in the political life of Americans.

  Week 1: The Lost Cause Defined – What is it and how did it begin and grow?

 Week 2: Tenets of the Lost Cause – Distortions, disinformation, and winning the peace.

 Week 3:  Legacy of the Lost Cause – Impact on most Americans’ collective memory.

What to Expect: 

You will learn how former Confederates wrote their own version of history that largely took hold nationwide and how this narrative contributed to the backslide into Jim Crow Law that effectively deprived the freedmen of any real realization of equal or civil rights for a century after Appomattox.  Expect to come away with an understanding of how the mythology allowed the unending cruelties endured by four million slaves to be glossed over by history while the poverty of most average southerners is hidden by the focus on the lives of the wealthy few planters.

Feedback from Mickey’s last course:  

“Mickey’s knowledge of the Civil War is amazing! I had never known how the Lost Cause mythology began; interesting yet sad that it still continues. I look forward to The Lost Cause class in the future.”

“Mickey was excellent.  He was very knowledgeable about the topic. He responded to every question thoroughly and was respectful of every member of the class.”

“The Civil War in Maryland was a wonderful program – especially for me since I’m not from Maryland and always wondered about Maryland’s stand during the Civil War.  I have always been interested in the Civil War and appreciate the opportunity to learn even more.”

HYBRID course at the Easton Family YMCA (choose to participate in person, through Zoom, or recording) | 3 sessions | Tuesdays | Oct 3, 10, 17 | 10 – 11:30 am | $40

Mickeyn Terrone horizontal

Mickey Terrone

Dominic “Mickey” Terrone of Oxford is a native New Yorker and a 30-year resident of Maryland. A lifelong student of the Civil War, he has a collection of over 400 books and tapes on the Civil War. He lived in Georgia for ten years and traveled extensively throughout the Southern States. Mickey has taught Civil War courses at Anne Arundel Community College and Washington College Academy for Lifelong Learning. An active member of the Civil War Roundtable of Washington, DC, he is also a Board and Executive Committee member and Past President.

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