Join Adrianne for this wonderful way to meet new friends while having the fun of exploring what we each put into words every week!  This small group of storytellers form a safe and comfortable place to gain knowledge about how others hear your voice through your writing. Our aim is to build confidence, develop skills, and encourage everyone to tell their story.

Writing techniques, tips, organization, and creativity are only a few of the subjects we will cover in this interactive course. Geared to all writing levels, from beginners to published authors, everyone benefits from our small group format! Some enjoyable surprises to challenge your mind just might pop up as well!

This winter we continue with the in-person format for memoir writing.  For each of the four sessions, participants will write a one- or two-page piece about some event in their past or something else that they would like to record. While most will take the customary form of a memoir, some might wish to use verse, song, speech, or even a playlet as their medium of choice. Each person furnishes copies for everyone and then reads it aloud. After that, class members make comments, pointing out what works well and how it might be improved. This is all done in an atmosphere of warmth and support, where we all try to help each other. 

What to Expect:

It is always helpful to get feedback on your writing.  In this course, feedback is done constructively in a positive atmosphere of helping one another.  Participants will gain tips on how to get over writer’s block; that all-important first sentence and how to get it right; how to color a character; and more.

IN PERSON course at the Easton Family YMCA (no recording) | 4 sessions | Thursdays | March 7, 14, 21, 28 | 1 – 2:30 pm | $40 

Adrianne Lasker 2

Adrianne Lasker

Adrianne is no stranger to the Memoir Writing program offered for years by Chesapeake Forum. In fact, when former course leader Forest Hansen decided he wanted to focus his attention on teaching philosophy courses, Adrianne’s name was the first to come up as his replacement. Expect kind-hearted comradery under Adrianne’s leadership!

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