Let’s go butterflying! Join Pickering Creek naturalist Mary Helen Gillen to explore the meadows and wetlands of Pickering Creek Audubon Center in search of swooping Swallowtails, bold Brushfoots, dainty Gossamerwings, and more!

Watching butterflies as they float effortlessly among blooming flowers is a true source of summertime joy. If you admire the dazzling colors of swallowtails, the incredible migration of monarchs, or you wonder about the transformational process of metamorphosis, join Mary Helen for an enchanting summer butterfly walk. Participants will have a chance to practice identifying common butterfly species and will learn about the native plants that can support these winged wonders.

IN-PERSON at Pickering Creek Audubon Center, 11450 Audubon Ln, Easton, MD

NEW RAIN DATE! |Friday | July 1 | 10am-noon| $10 


Mary Helen Gillen

Mary Helen Gillen began studying monarchs as a volunteer docent at a winter resting site in California 12 years ago. After returning to her home state of Maryland, she dove into the butterflying hobby and has spent the last seven years at Pickering Creek, searching high and low for butterflies small and large, stunning and subtle.

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