A fun introduction to Shakespeare, full of hints on how to enjoy and understand his plays. We’re all told he’s a genius; Suzanne shows how outrageous and entertaining he is, too. She explains the clothes, slang, royalty, and other bits that might trip up a modern viewer. Anyone can make friends with Shakespeare with a few encouraging pointers to find the approach that works best for you.

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Feedback from past courses with Suzanne:

Suzanne is an excellent CF/ALL Faculty Member.  Her extensive research and her pleasant and joyful manner create an atmosphere conducive to Life Long Learning. Jonathan and his music enhanced the course. A+++!

Always interesting and enlightening.. Live music was a wonderful treat. Suzanne’s enthusiasm was catching!

“Suzanne Sanders is a gifted facilitator which helped to make the class so enjoyable.”

“The instructors of this course are not only knowledgeable and passionate about their subject, they are giddily happy by it! Infectious!”

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Suzanne Sanders

Suzanne Sanders earned a B.A. in Humanities from Johns Hopkins because, hey, somebody has to balance out all those pre-med students. She has worked as a journalist, bartender, metaphysical manager, poet, full-tilt mom, and Russian translator. She has taught the occasional class at Chesapeake College and volunteers at the library. She and her husband are currently lacking in the kitten department.

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