Chesapeake Forum and the Oxford community Center are pleased to announce the community leaders who will be participating in the Round Table Panel that is the final discussion of the Series “Conversations on Race: An American Dilemma.” The moderated panel discussion will take place on Wed, Feb 23 from 12:30-2pm. at the Oxford Community Center as the culmination of the Conversations on Race series. 

Join in on the “Conversations on Race: An American Dilemma” for this session only.

The panel members will be Deborah Short, Program Director of BAAM, Nancy Andrew Director of the Talbot Family Network, and Capt. Anthony Smith, Chief of the St. Michaels Police Department. The discussion will be moderated by Chesapeake Forum Board President, Lynn Randle. Part 1 of the series, a discussion of “Getting Smart about Racism” with Professor Margaret Anderson, Ph.D., is on Feb 9.  Part 2, “The Language of Racism” featuring Constance Morris Hope is on Feb 16. 

All sessions may be attended in-person or thru Zoom. Recordings of each session in the series will be made available to everyone registering.


Deborah Short, BAAM 3

Deborah Short is Executive Director at BAAM (Building African American Minds), Inc., an afterschool program for African American males in first through fifth grades, established in Easton by Derick and Dina Daly. Recognizing a need to address the socioeconomic barriers that inhibit African-American males’ ability to learn effectively, BAAM provides academic enrichment in a safe, caring, and structured environment. Short’s leadership includes organizing the programs that BAAM offers, developing community partnerships to promote the organization’s activities, and serving as a liaison between the organization and students of the Talbot County Public School District. BAAM has been in existence for 14 years, receiving awards from the NAACP as well as overwhelming support from local businesses, organizations, and private donors. 

Nancy Andrew, Talbot Family Network 2

Nancy Andrew is Executive Director of Talbot Family Network. The Talbot Family Network identifies and develops support systems for Talbot County children and families. As part of her responsibilities, Andrew identifies needs, and administers and monitors the allocation of funding for child and family services from the Governor’s Office for Children. Andrews explains “We’ve been working to address issues of racial equity in our community for several years.” TFN sponsors a facilitated monthly conversation on race that is open to anyone in the community who wants to come in and talk with their neighbors and other community members about race. Andrew has invested most of her professional life in leading community-based nonprofit organizations. 


Capt. Anthony Smith 3

Capt. Anthony Smith is the Chief of Police in St. Michaels. When Anthony Smith was officially sworn in as St. Michaels Police Chief in 2012, he commented on the foundation for community-focused policing his predecessor had set in St. Michaels, saying that “Community policing is first and foremost.” A native of Prince George’s County, Smith reached the rank of lieutenant for the Maryland State Police during his 23 years there, working in patrol, drug enforcement, criminal investigation, and administration. He has been with the St. Michaels Police Department since 2007.  He earned a Master of Public Policy degree from the University of Maryland in 2002. 



Lynn Randle serving as Moderator

Lynn Randle has spent her career researching behavior as a marketing and communications consultant. With a long list of clients across numerous industries, Lynn has helped many companies become more customer-focused in finding unique needs to fill. She served as Vice President of the Wirthlin Group, a firm known for providing the communications strategy of the Reagan White House, before founding a successful strategic marketing and communications venture in California. Augmenting a double major in Marketing and Journalism from Cal State, Lynn also earned a graduate degree in International Relations, as well as a graduate degree in Communications Research from Stanford University.

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