Learn how emerging infectious diseases are transmitted and spread and how the relevant microbes cause disease in humans.  

This one-session course is an overview of bacterial, viral, and parasitic infectious diseases such as tuberculosis, covid-19, and malaria; the basic biology of the infectious microbes that cause these diseases; as well as how different classes of drugs or vaccines are used to treat them.  Paul will also tell us about what is currently known about why some treatments and diagnostics for these diseases are inadequate.

What to expect: 

Gain an improved understanding of infectious disease and what “emerging” means in the context of infectious disease as well as an appreciation for the basic pharmacology of drugs and biological activity of vaccines used to treat infectious disease.  Handouts for additional reading will be provided.

HYBRID course at the Easton Family YMCA (choose to participate in person, through Zoom, or recording) | 1 session | Thursday | Oct 5 | 1 – 2:30 pm | $20

Paul Roepe 2 - 1

Paul Roepe, Ph.D.

Paul Roepe is a professor in the departments of Chemistry and Biochemistry, Cellular & Molecular Biology, Georgetown University, Washington DC (1997 - present). Previously on the faculty of the Memorial Sloan - Kettering Cancer Center (1989 - 1997) and Dept. of Pharmacology, Cornell University Medical College (1989 - 1997). He has 34 years experience managing a well-funded drug resistance laboratory (NY and DC) and teaching in pharmacology, biochemistry, and other basic science-related fields.

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