PROGRAM RECORDING NOW AVAILABLE.  The Great Pacific Flyway is a major north-south flyway for migratory birds in America, extending from Alaska to Patagonia. Every year, migratory birds travel some or all of this distance both in spring and in fall, following food sources, heading to breeding grounds, or traveling to wintering sites. The path goes right over the Sacramento Valley, where many birds stop for the winter. This Northern California region is already rich in birds and wildlife. In this class, we’ll experience real-life connections with the wild birds and animals of the region, both migratory and year-around residents, through photography and the stories behind the photos.

Michele also does wildlife field rescue, and some of the photos will lead her to include stories of real-life rescues and releases. It is amazing how well wild animals and birds have adapted to humanity, especially when some habitat is protected, but there are always clashes with humans (and things humans leave behind), and wild animals often need help to survive these encounters.

While this is not a birding class, there will be many bird photos with the species identified along with discussion of observed behaviors from hours in the field with them. Enjoy the beauty of Nature in this 90-minute course, as we take a photographic tour of the wild side of the Sacramento Valley region.

Zoom Course: Recording Now Available 

1 Session | Wednesday | April 27 | 1–2:30pm | $10


Michele Dodge

Michele Dodge is a wildlife photographer and rescuer who lives in Fair Oaks, California, near the American River. She hikes the River area several times weekly with her camera, documenting the wild animals she finds there, and her rescue work takes her throughout the American River watershed. She works with several wildlife rescue and rehab groups in the region.

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