Ever wonder about those amazing Smith Island cakes you see on the menu of fine restaurants?  They originate from our own Eastern Shore locale of Smith Island and a descendant of the original bakers of the Smith Island Cake has agreed to tell us more — and show us how!

Come get inspired for Valentine’s Day (and maybe learn why you might want to buy a Smith Island cake instead making it yourself!) as Megan Spurry Nittle shares what she learned under the tutelage of her mother and grandmother and years of successes and failures in making the famous Smith Island Cake.

Where did the idea of creating a NINE LAYER cake come from?  Who made them?  Why?  Join us for an afternoon of cake making and stories of Megan’s Smith Island heritage.   Megan will show course participants the tricks of making the perfectly imperfect Smith Island cake of NINE layers.

Registration is Limited!  

IN-PERSON only at the Easton YMCA

1 Session |Saturday | Feb  12 | 3:00-4:30 pm | $15

Megan Spurry Nittle

Megan Spurry Nittle is a “native Eastern Shore Girl” who spent part of her childhood summers and many holidays visiting with maternal grandparents on Smith Island. She relished those visits and carried many memories and life lessons into adulthood. Along with her grandparents, her mother and many relatives were born and raised from “down-home.” Megan is a mother of three, a wife of 21 years, and a worker in retail. Baking Smith Island cakes has been a fun adventure for her and her family. “It is a way to feel closer to my late grandmother, my mother, and our Smith Island roots.”

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