Phil Hesser, Ph.D.

Phil Hesser, Ph.D., has taught in the US and Africa and served as protection and education officer with UNHCR and program director with the Academy for Educational Development. 

Having received his B.A. degree at the University of California – Santa Barbara and M.A. and Ph.D. degrees at Binghamton University, he has continued his work in education as an Adjunct Professor of History at Salisbury University and is a part-time faculty member in History and Political Science at Wor-Wic Community College. 

Pursuing his interest at the intersection of landscape, life, and livelihood in Delmarva and on the Bay, he wrote What a River Says: Exploring the Blackwater River and Refuge (Cambridge: Friends of Blackwater, 2014)) and is completing The Old Home Is Not There: The Native Land of Harriet Tubman with co-author Charlie Ewers. 

Anna Ella Carroll and Harriet Tubman are asking for government pensions. You will decide.
COURSE IS NOW OVER, BUT THE RECORDING IS STILL AVAILABLE! The Maryland Parks Service describes the landscape of Harriet Tubman’s early years as “virtually unaltered.” Join Phil, co-author of “The Old Home Is Not There,” on a sweep through Dorchester as he looks for continuity and change.
You may be wondering about this fellow and why he had it in for the Eastern Shore. You will receive clues to consider one week before the great reveal. Sharpen your wits, grab a beverage, and join us for a most entertaining happy hour class.