REGISTRATION HAS CLOSED.   Anyone interested in expanding their knowledge of international relations and participating in active discussions of crucial global issues will find these engaging and insightful conversations about important global topics of the day very interesting.  Part II topics from the Foreign Policy Association Briefing Book include the following:

  1. The Future of Persian Gulf Security
  2. Brexit: Taking Stock and Looking Forward
  3. The Coldest War: Toward a Return to Great Power Competition in the Arctic?
  4. The World Health Organization’s Response to COVID-19

Each session starts with a video on the topic prepared by the Foreign Policy Association, followed by engaged discussion among participants.  Participants from Part I already have the 2000-2001 Briefing Book.  New participants can order one when registering.  Part I recordings are available at    Enrollment in the Live ZOOM class is limited to 12. 

Feedback from Part I of Great Decisions 2021:

“A terrific set of course sessions for going deeper into geopolitical topics you only THOUGHT you knew about; contemporary issues facing the US and world. Learning develops from the professional materials, updated topic links and the engaging course participants and discussion leaders. A must!”

“I have always been a huge fan of GD, and love it when we get contrary views that can be discussed.  More than anything though is the opportunity to learn about larger issues and concerns than what we might not hear about on the nightly news”

“I learned more, and sorry I could not add more.  It was a great learning experience, and I thank you very much for the great conversations.”



Rich Harrison

Rich Harrison is the retired Director of Research & Development for Baltimore Aircoil Co., a worldwide manufacturer of evaporative cooling equipment and ice thermal storage equipment. During his 39 years at BAC, he developed numerous innovative components of those products and received ten patents. He has a bachelor’s degree from Virginia Tech and a master’s degree from Purdue University. He resided in Columbia, Maryland, for 32 years and then found the light of the Eastern Shore. Since moving to the Eastern Shore, Bob DeGour has routinely been invited to moderate the annual Naval Academy Foreign Affairs Conference roundtable on current strategic issues impacting the United States. Bob is a 1973 U.S. Naval Academy graduate and was the first midshipman to study concurrently in a civilian university post-graduate program. His classified thesis focused on socio-political systems in Pre-WWII Germany, the Soviet Union, and the Peoples Republic of China. He served in the Navy Intel community before transitioning to the private sector.


Bob DeGour

Since retiring, Bob DeGour has become a fixture at Eastern Shore schools as not only a U.S. Naval Academy Blue & Gold Officer but also the Founder/Director of a summer STEM camp for elementary school children whose instructors are middle and high school students. His never-tiring efforts to give back find him in and out of the schools mentoring young people and assisting with BioMed and Geopolitics courses. Bob is a 1973 U.S. Naval Academy graduate and was the first midshipman to study concurrently in a civilian university post-graduate program.

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