What is it about American music that has made it popular around the world?  Learn how the music of different cultures blended here, combining their very different strengths. Influences bounced back and forth as musicians took bits they liked, weaving wonderful new sounds: jazz, blues, country, the many Latin musics, soul, rock, and rap. At times, old history and new technologies directed the flood of creativity in surprising ways.  We’ll touch on related issues: who ought to own and control music, and who does? What’s it mean to say “music wants to be free” online?

Jonathan Williams will perform songs live to illustrate the genres of music and trace their evolution. You’re sure to hear old favorites and new.  We’ll also suggest songs to listen to at home.  You won’t need to read music for this class, but feel free to sing along!

Feedback from past courses with Suzanne:

“Suzanne Sanders is a gifted facilitator which helped to make the class so enjoyable.”

“More than excellent. Their mastery of the material and their recitations were great and what was even more fabulous was their translation/interpretation of the humor!!!”

“The instructors of this course are not only knowledgeable and passionate about their subject, they are giddily happy by it! Infectious!”

“Wonderfully presented; interesting, informative and entertaining. I learned a lot and came away with a greater understanding of and appreciation for the play.”

HYBRID COURSE.  You may attend in-person at the Easton Peachblossom YMCA, by Zoom, or Recording

3 Sessions |Wednesdays | Feb 9, 16, 23 | 10-11:30am | $30

Suzanne Sanders

Suzanne Sanders earned a B.A. in Humanities from Johns Hopkins because, hey, somebody has to balance out all those pre-med students. She has worked as a journalist, bartender, metaphysical manager, poet, full-tilt mom, and Russian translator. She has taught the occasional class at Chesapeake College and volunteers at the library. She and her husband are currently lacking in the kitten department.

Jonathan Williams

Jonathan Williams has taught special education and adaptive music for the last two decades.  His approach is less about developing expertise and more about helping ordinary people dance, sing and play common instruments.  He has worked out a super-easy way to learn the ukulele that is used by local libraries and a retirement community. His Move2Music dance program has been used in schools and community festivals. He also teaches guitar, banjo, and harmonica.

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