“I don’t know any deaf people – why would I want to learn sign language?” There are a lot of reasons:

  • Creating a stronger bond between parents/grandparents and infants. Research shows that early training in sign language enhances a child’s overall language skills  
  • Improving spatial reasoning. How and where you perform the sign determines the meaning.
  • Enhancing the ability to interpret body language. You will be more aware of the expressions your body gives when tone and pitch are not involved.  
  • Creating better reaction times and peripheral vision. You will learn to look at and around the whole body and for comprehension.  
  • Providing the long-term cognitive benefits of learning sign language. Stimulate the brain with new knowledge … use it or lose it!
  • Allowing the ability to communicate with a wider variety of individuals, just in case you need it someday.  
  • And …it’s FUN!

“How about me?” Judy tells us that “as a Speech and Language Pathologist, specializing in non-verbal Autistic language learners, I quickly learned how much easier it was for them to interpret my meaning when I used visible gestures to support my verbal language. When I had children, I realized that they could sign words to me that their mouths could not yet produce. When sailing, I realized that I could communicate above the wind using signs. When I began signing songs for different occasions, I realized how fluent and beautiful signing can be.  I am not an expert, but I can introduce you to many of the functional signs that can get you started.

“Before class, I’ll send you the signed alphabet, to have a heads up for the many whole word signs we will be working with.”

Join the class for some FUNdamental sign language learning.

Expected Outcomes: You will be able to use functional sign language to increase your communication skills and will be able to explain the benefits of learning sign language.  Please note:  Due to the demonstration nature of this course, it will not be recorded.

Feedback from past courses with Judi:

“Excellent. Learned a lot. Consider expanding time or sessions.”

“Judi had a well-planned presentation.”

“Great presentation.”

IN PERSON course at the Easton Family YMCA (no recording)

1 session | Friday | June 2 | 1–2:30 pm | $20

Judith Cornette, M.Ed, SLP/CCC

Judith Cornette is a Speech & Language Pathologist who has worked in this field for the past 57 years. She currently has a private Practice, Communicate! LLC. She is certified in Sign Language, Assistive Technology, Autism Therapy, Aphasia Therapy, Dementia Therapy, and Mindfulness. Her passion is improving and supporting life-long communication skills.

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