Ron Lesher

Ron Lesher’s undergraduate years were as a math major. Having failed as a theoretical mathematician, he went into the high school classroom and eventually graduated to being a civil servant in the New Jersey Department of Education, where he was responsible for the evaluation of state and federally funded innovative programs in schools. The high point of his work in New Jersey was as a whistleblower. After moving to Maryland, he returned to teaching physics and mathematics at the high school level. His lifelong curiosity about mathematics and physics and together with his secondary classroom experience in those two areas have led to the current course about what we cannot know.

George Merrill

George R. Merrill, a retired Episcopal priest. George has led workshops on spirituality and aging. He’s co-authored a book on spirituality: Reflections: Psychological and Spiritual Images of the Heart and a collection of essays, The Bay of the Mother of God: A Yankee Discovers the Chesapeake Bay. George is a columnist for The Talbot Spy, and airs essays on Delmarva Public Radio. He and his wife, Jo, live in St, Michaels.

John H. Miller

John H. Miller, PhD, has taught literature courses at both secondary and college levels, including American Literature at the University of Clermont-Ferrand, France, under a Fulbright Fellowship. He has also taught at the University of Pittsburgh, Carnegie Mellon University, Washington College, American University, and the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum’s Academy for Lifelong Learning. Given his interest in things maritime he taught a course on literature of the sea as Visiting Lecturer and member of the University of Virginia’s faculty on two separate round the world voyages with UVA’s “Semester at Sea” program.  He is also involved in several local non-profit organizations, currently serving as President of Allegro Academy, and board member of Chesapeake Forum.

Margot Miller

Margot Miller (the other Dr Miller ) holds a PhD in French literature and has
taught at both the former ALL and the IAL at Chesapeake College since about 2005. Her specialty is contemporary women writers of French expression but she has branched out. She has a wide following for the depth of understanding she brings to literary discussion. Her first life was in psychology (counseling and cognitive studies) and she taught “How to Read a Text/How to become a Close Reader” when she was a TA at the University of Maryland, College Park. She finds multiple levels in literary fiction.

Joe Petro

Joe has been the proprietor of “Hair O’ The Dog Wine & Spirits” since 2004. In 2018, he opened his companion venture, “Snifter’s Bistro,” in the adjacent retail space. Both establishments are built on Joe’s customer focus philosophy: provide an alluringly uncommon experience. Although he features beer, spirits, and wine found elsewhere, Joe’s loyal customers often seek a unique beverage ‘adventure’ satisfied by concierge-like service that’s the soul of his business. During the past year, Snifters has become a gathering place for fine wines, craft beers, and small plate dining.

Joe has been an active member of Comptroller Peter Franchot’s commission to reform Maryland’s restrictive beer and spirits laws.

Early in his career as a CPA, Mr. Petro was Controller at Easton Utilities, and Celeste Industries. His lengthy list of contributions to our community include treasurer for non-profit Kidworks Learning Center, and President of Talbot Humane Society.

Lynn Randle

Lynn Randle holds a post graduate degree from Stanford University in Communications Research, and has spent the bulk of her career (Govt, Private Industry, Business Owner) providing strategic business consultation to focus organizations on their core competencies.  She led a conversation last year on the shape of education today and has moderated hundreds of focus group discussions for clients across a broad range of industries.

Micah Risher

Micah Risher started his career in aviation in 1993 after graduating Easton High School. As a Talbot County native, Risher took an interest in aviation while in High School and joined the US Navy upon graduating. He studied Air Traffic Control and became a Tower Supervisor at NAS Brunswick, Maine by the age of 19. He would go on to serve aboard the USS Dwight D Eisenhower, controlling aircraft from the Carrier Air Traffic Control Center (CATCC) and also Naval Test Center Patuxent River, Maryland.

After his time in the service, Micah worked at Bridgeport Airport (Connecticut) and Salisbury Airport (Maryland), as an air traffic controller. He was selected as the Manager of the new Easton Tower in July 2007. He set up the initial ATC operation and managed the tower for 7 years.

Because of his expertise in small airport operations, in 2014, Micah was presented with an opportunity to support the FAA Contract Tower Program in Washington DC. He led a team of contractors that ensured contractual and operations compliance at 256 FAA Contract Towers across the nation.

After a successful 4 years in Washington DC, Micah returned to Easton Airport and was hired as the Airport Manager in August 2018. Through the Midshore Community Foundation, Micah launched the Aviation Career Education (ACE) Program in January 2019 to help educate local youth about aviation career opportunities.

Suzanne Sanders

Suzanne Sanders earned a B.A. in Humanities from Johns Hopkins because, hey, somebody has to balance out all those pre-med students. She has worked as a journalist, bartender, metaphysical manager, poet, full-tilt mom, and Russian translator. She teaches the occasional class at Chesapeake College and volunteers at the library. She and her husband are currently lacking in the kitten department.

Mark Scallion

Mark Scallion is a graduate of the State University of New York College of Environmental Science and Forestry. He is the Director of Pickering Creek Audubon Center in Easton and has resided at the Center for over twenty years. He has lead the Center’s effort to convert over 150 acres of the Center’s marginal cropland to wildlife habitat.

Salvatore P. Simoncini

Sal Simoncini was born and raised in New York City, where he owned his own construction company. He and his wife raised their two daughters on Long Island, where they live now with Sal's seven grandchildren. After retirement, he and his late second wife relocated to Wittman, to a twenty-six acre farm.

Dodie Theune

Following her retirement from Bryn Mawr Trust in Bryn Mawr, PA as a SVP, Dodie Theune joined the adjunct faculty at Temple University while continuing her executive coach practice. The thesis of her dissertation is that life coaching is a form of transformational adult education. She has held executive positions on professional boards and has received many awards and citations including the “Women of Distinction” by Drexel University Business School and the Philadelphia Business Journal.

Dr. Raymond Vergne

Dr. Raymond Vergne practiced medicine for 42 years, and has a graduate degree in Education.  He taught in the graduate school at Marymount University and has had a life-long interest in Don Quijote.

Rich Wagner

Rich Wagner is a physicist who has worked in the fields of elementary particles,

astrophysics, high-energy-density physics, and prediction of complex physical

phenomena using very large computers. He was an Assistant Secretary of Defense in

the 1980s, with responsibility for oversight of the US nuclear weapon program and of all

Department of Defense matters related to chemical and biological weapons. Rich has

studied topics at the interface between science and philosophy for many years. He

holds a BA in physics from Williams College, and a PhD in physics from the University

of Utah. He and his wife, Ginny, live in Oxford.

Bev Williams

BA, MA in English: University of Virginia (Charlottesville).
English teacher: Landon School (Bethesda), National Cathedral School (Washington, DC), Lovett School (Atlanta), Wakefield School (The Plains). 

Guest lecturer at Episcopal High School (Alexandria, VA) 1989-2009


  • SAT and ACT.
  • ENGLISH for high school and middle school: composition, grammar,
    literature, vocabulary); Strategies for study and retention
  • MATH through pre-algebra
  • August 16, 2019, Faulkner Presentation at Talbot County Free Library, Easton

Catherine Wilson

Catherine Wilson received her BA in History at the University of West Florida, and also holds a BS in Nursing and a MA in Education from Delaware State College. She moved to Easton in 2005, with her husband, former NSA Deputy Director Dick Wilson. Catherine is a certified genealogist. 

Among her works in genealogy, Catherine worked on Talbot County’s ‘The Hill Project’ through the University of Maryland-CP, and did a genealogical study of an abandoned African-American Cemetery at Broad Creek Neck for the cemetery association. Three years ago she was commissioned to conduct the exhaustive research that this class is based upon.

Charles Edward Yonkers

Charles Edward Yonkers is a former Peace Corps Country Director, lawyer (Harvard, J.D., Yale, B.A.), and adjunct professor in Georgetown’s Graduate Liberal Studies Program (M.A.L.S.). His thesis was “The Creation of a Sense of Place: History, Culture, and Henderson, KY.” He has taught a course on A Sense of Place since 2011. His current place is Pot Pie Farm, Wittman, MD.