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COURSE IS NOW OVER. RECORDING IS AVAILABLE. Join a discussion based on excerpts from the films “Stand and Deliver” and “The Ultimate Gift” to explore whether we are setting appropriate expectations for our nation’s next generations.
COURSE IS NOW OVER. Varietals can be vastly different. Join us at Snifters in Easton for an afternoon look at the differences in six great Pinot Noirs from six different regions: California, Oregon, Chile, France, Italy and New Zealand. HURRY! Reservations close on Sept 3.
COURSE IS NOW OVER. Join us at Jason’s Computer Services for this tutorial you needed after getting home from the cell phone store! Personalized attention to get you up and running with new things even the grandkids don’t know!
COURSE IS NOW OVER. THE RECORDING IS STILL AVAILABLE. Examine selections from one of Plato’s most famous dialogues as Socrates turns to a philosophical exploration of the nature of beauty and its role in the good life.
COURSE IS NOW OVER, BUT THE RECORDING IS STILL AVAILABLE. The Ku Klux Klan made its appearance across Delmarva in the early 1920s. Join us to examine who introduced the Klan to Delmarva, who joined the "Invisible Empire," and who contributed to its decline.
COURSE IS NOW OVER, BUT THE RECORDING IS STILL AVAILABLE. Join acclaimed author and public speaker, Thomas Broussard, Ph.D., as he shares his own stroke experience from the perspective of a stroke survivor. This two session course will cover neuroplasticity and how to help the brain repair itself. OFFERED AT NO CHARGE.
COURSE IS NOW OVER, BUT THE RECORDING IS STILL AVAILABLE. The Earth is 4.6 billion years old and change is happening continuously. In this presentation, we will explore the impact of change on the earth’s ocean crust when considering such things as our global communications capabilities.
Part 2 of this popular geo-political discussion group will continue with four more important global topics from the 2021 Great Decisions Briefing Book (available for an additional $10).
COURSE IS NOW OVER. Join internationally known floral designer, Emma Jean Morgan, for a three session design course to help decorate your home for the upcoming holiday season. Materials selected at a discounted extra cost.
COURSE CANCELLED. KEEP AN EYE OUT FOR UPDATES FOR WHEN IT WILL BE OFFERED IN THE FUTURE! This three-session course will help you get started and comfortable with your smartphone video capabilities for recording family stories. Join Dave as he shares the capabilities he uses for videos on the Talbot Spy.
COURSE IS NOW OVER, BUT THE RECORDING IS STILL AVAILABLE! Join Pickering Creek Audubon Center naturalist, Harrison Jackson, for a dive into the strange aquatic animals that live in the Chesapeake and coastal bays of Maryland.
COURSE IS NOW OVER, BUT THE RECORDING IS STILL AVAILABLE! The Maryland Parks Service describes the landscape of Harriet Tubman’s early years as “virtually unaltered.” Join Phil, co-author of “The Old Home Is Not There,” on a sweep through Dorchester as he looks for continuity and change.
COURSE IS NOW OVER. Join popular radio show personality, Ken Morgan, at Robin’s Nest Floral & Garden Center, for a presentation followed by Q&A as we shift our attention to winterizing the landscaping we have maintained so vigilantly during the pandemic.
EVENT NOW CLOSED. Join us for our first ever Chesapeake Forum Holiday Wine Pairing Dinner! Hosted by Joe Petro of Hair O’The Dog and Snifters, we will discover the perfect wines to pair with upcoming holiday get-togethers. Six courses, six wines. Cost is ALL INCLUSIVE. Reservations close Oct 9.
COURSE IS NOW OVER. Spend a day at Pickering Creek Audubon Center exploring native trees of Delmarva and their fruit. We will meet and collect cones, seeds, drupes, achenes, berries, samaras and other curiously named fruit types and begin to feel comfortable differentiating between them.
Who knew that Lewis Carroll ever contemplated or wrote a draft of the third book of the Alice Trilogy? We will explore some of the hidden meanings in Alice in Wonderland, Through the Looking Glass, and Exeunt Alice.
See how the fast-paced comedy with interwoven plots of romance, mistaken identities and practical jokes make Twelfth Night one of the most popular and admired of all Shakespeare’s plays.
Join us as we learn about the art of memoir writing. Participants will write short memoir pieces and present them in class for constructive comments and shared ideas.